Sterilizer Equipment


  1. Fully Automatic
  2. 8 Preset sterilization programs
  3. Ster. Temp.: 105-134℃
  4. Ster. Time: 4-60 min
  5. Dry time: 1-25min
  6. Vacuum Times: 1-10 times
  7. B&D / Helix / Vacuum testing program
  8. Cleaning Program
  9. Printer & USB Output
  10. Big Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  11. High quality bacteria filter
  12. Available capacity: 12/18/24 Litter

Timed Tabletop Electric Boiling Sterilizer

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Steam pressure sterilization requires a combination of pressure, high temperatures, and moisture, and serves as one of the most widely used methods for sterilization where these functions will not affect a load. Surrounding the unit with steam-heated tubes produces the same effect. 

Hot Air Oven

Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer