EEG is most often used to diagnose epilepsy, which causes abnormalities in EEG readings.It is also used to diagnose sleep disorders, depth of anesthesia, coma, encephalopathies, and brain death. EEG used to be a first-line method of diagnosis for tumors, stroke and other focal brain disorders.


An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. An EKG shows the heart’s electrical activity as line tracings on paper. The spikes and dips in the tracings are called waves. The heart is a muscular pump made up of four chambers .

TMT Unit

The exercise stress test – also known as an exercise electrocardiogram, treadmill test, graded exercise test, or stress EKG — is used most often. It lets your doctor know how your heart responds to being pushed.

EMG Machine

The EMG measurement system is the latest and most advanced EP/EMG system in the product portfolio. Available with either a six- or twelve channel amplifier and up to two electrical stimulators, the EMG is designed with numerous time-saving features to maximize the user´s workflow without compromising the integrity of data acquisition. Basic exam software including EMG, NCS, and SEP protocols come standard with the EMG measurement system. The new examination list creates a seamless integration of protocols, patients, and reports, thus increasing productivity and reducing test time.


The mobile functional keypad enables the user to complete an entire exam without the use of a keyboard or mouse. This simple control panel contains the main operation buttons seen in previous models, with added key features such as functional keys and a numeric pad. The EMG measurement system is built to cover all aspects of diagnostics, delivering innovative functionality, high signal quality, and durability to ensure efficiency – all while remaining simple to use.