Dental Equipment

Dental Chair

A dental engine is a large chair-side appliance (often including the chair itself) for use in a dentist’s office. At minimum, a dental engine serves as a source of mechanical or pneumatic power for one or more handpieces.

Dental X-ray System

Dental X-rays helps the dentists diagnose common problems, such as cavities, gum disease and some types of infections. Radiographs allow dentists to see inside a tooth and beneath the gums to assess the health of the bone and supporting tissues that hold teeth in place.

Wall Mounted Dental X-ray

Mobile Dental X-ray

  1. Dental X-ray machine
  2. Model: jyf-10d NEW
  3. Power supply: AC220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz, 1 kVA
  4. Tube voltage: 70kvp
  5. Current tube: 8 Ma
  6. Total filtration: 2.5mal
  7. Exposure time: 0.2-4s
  8. Focus size: 1.5mm/0.8mm
  9. Leakage radiation: more than 1m ≤ 0.002mg/h

Panoramic Dental X-ray System

Panoramic radiography, also called panoramic x-ray, is a two-dimensional (2-D) dental x-ray examination that captures the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures and tissues. The jaw is a curved structure similar to that of a horseshoe.

Dental Autoclave Class B

Class B autoclaves are the most advanced steam sterilizers. They can sterilize all types of batches, even the most complex ones. Class B autoclave, thanks to fractionated pre-vacuum, completely removes air from the chamber. It is the most effective modern technique of sterilization of all types of tools

CBCT 3D Panoramic X ray

Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) are a variation of traditional computed tomography (CT) systems. The CBCT systems used by dental professionals rotate around the patient, capturing data using a cone-shaped Xray beam

Endo Motor

The endodontic motors are devices designed to facilitate the endodontic process, since they allow the use of mechanically driven files. This allows the endodontist a greater speed and convenience in the preparation of the endodontic canals

Apex Locator

An electronic apex locator is an electronic device used in endodontics determine the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic scalers use ultrasound to remove calculus deposits from your teeth more effectively. They work mechanically using high vibrational energy that effectively blasts calculus, so it is easier to remove

Dental Suction Machine

A dental suction unit works using an electric motor that powers the vacuum pump. This vacuum pump draws the waste products, air and water through tubing into the pump which separates the liquids from the solids. They also feature a reverse flow valve to eliminate back flow and potential contamination